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San Francisco Chronicle: Naval Air Station land handed to Alameda, June 25, 2013 Story 06/25/2013
The Alamedan: Alameda Point Explained: The plan, June, 5, 2013 Story 06/05/2013
ABC 7 News: Alameda gets former Naval Air Station land back [Video], June 4, 2013 Story 06/04/2013
Alameda Journal: Alameda officials move to take ownership of portion of former Navy base, May 23, 2013 Story 05/23/2013
Memo from City Planner and the Chief Operating Officer of Alameda Point to Planning Board regarding Public Hearing to Discuss the Alameda Point Planning Guide, Including Sub-Area Descriptions, May 29, 2013 Documents 05/22/2013
Memo from City Planner and the Chief Operating Officer of Alameda Point to Planning Board regarding Public Hearing to Discuss Planning Concepts and Questions for the Alameda Point Town and Waterfront Sub-area, May 29, 2013 Documents 05/22/2013
The Alamedan: Elated council signs off on Alameda Point handover, May 21, 2013 Story 05/22/2013
The Alamedan: Council to Consider Deeds for Alameda Point, May 17, 2013 Story 05/17/2013
Alameda Sun: City Poised to Accept Point Transfer May 21, May 16, 2013 Story 05/16/2013
The Alamedan: Alameda Point Explained: Where you come in, April 25, 2013 Story 04/25/2013
Alameda Journal: Alameda OKs Navy proposal to transfer land to VA, March 8, 2013 Story 03/07/2013
The Alamedan: Council supports proposal to shift veterans project, March 6, 2013 Story 03/06/2013
Alameda Journal: Veterans project could save Alameda $12.5 million, March 1, 2013 Story 02/28/2013
Alameda Journal: Alameda mayor reviews past year's achievements in 'State of City' address, February 22, 2013 Story 02/21/2013
Memo from City Planner to Planning Board Regarding Alameda Point Public Workshop: Draft Street Network, February 25, 2013 Documents 02/15/2013
ABC News: Hearing held on redevelopment of former navy base, January 28, 2013 Story 01/28/2013
The Alamedan: Point development could start next year, January 25, 2013 Story 01/25/2013
Alameda Journal: Alameda: Planning Board to look at draft EIR for former Navy base, January 25, 2013 Story 01/24/2013
Alameda Point Economic Development Strategy, November 2012 Documents 11/27/2012
The Alamedan: Planning Board to discuss Alameda Point jobs plan, November 26, 2012 Story 11/26/2012
Alameda Sun: City Outlines Point Development Plan, November 22, 2012 Story 11/22/2012
Mercury News: Planning Board to weigh Alameda Point economic development, November 21, 2012 Story 11/22/2012
Alameda Sun: Point Transfer Complete, October 25, 2012 Story 10/26/2012
Memo from the Director of Community Development to the Chair and Members of the Economic Development Commission Regarding Draft Economic Development Strategy for Alameda Point, October 18 2012 Documents 10/12/2012
The Alamedan: On Point: The China Connection, September 24 2012 Story 09/24/2012
The Alamedan: Brewery coming to Alameda Point, September 19, 2012 Story 09/19/2012
Alameda Point Planning Status Report + Next Steps, Planning Board Meeting, September 10, 2012 Documents 08/30/2012
City of Alameda Press: Metropolitan Transportation Commission Awards Alameda $200,000 Grant To Plan Waterfront Town Center At Alameda Point, June 28, 2012 Documents 06/29/2012
The Shifting Edge: Preparing Alameda for Sea Level Rise, Spring 2012 Documents 06/27/2012
The Alamedan: America's Cup team gets okay for additions to Alameda Point home, June, 26, 2012 Story 06/26/2012