Alameda Point Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), September 2013

Cover - AP Project Draft Environmental Impact Report

Ch 1: Introduction

Ch 2: Executive Summary

Ch 3: Project Description

Ch 4: Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures

Ch 4a: Land Use Consistency and Compatibility

Ch 4b: Population and Housing

Ch 4c: Transportation and Circulation

Ch 4d: Cultural and Paleontological Resources

Ch 4e: Biological Resources

Ch 4f: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

Ch 4g: Noise

Ch 4h: Geology, Soils, and Seismicity

Ch 4i: Hydrology and Water Quality

Ch 4j: Hazards and Hazardous Materials

Ch 4k: Aesthetics

Ch 4l: Public Services and Recreation

Ch 4m: Utilities and Service Systems

Ch 5: Alternatives

Ch 6: Other Statutory Sections

Ch 7: Report Preparers

Appendix A: Notice of Preparation (NOP)

Appendix B: Comments Received in Response to the NOP

Appendix C: Draft Master Infrastructure Plan (Part 1)

Appendix C: Draft Master Infrastructure Plan (Part 2)

Appendix D: Declaration of Restrictiion, MOA with VA, and MOU with UFWS

Appendix E: Precise Plan Framework

Appendix F:Zoning Amendment

Appendix G: Transportation and Circulation

Appendix H: Biological Resources

Appendix I: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

Appendix J: Noise

Appendix K: Final FOST for NAS Alameda

Appendix L: Water Supply Assessment

Appendix M: High Density Alternative Traffic Analysis