The Alamedan: Alameda Point Explained: The plan, June, 5, 2013


Alameda secured one of these no-cost economic development conveyances in 2000, after finishing one major task: completion of a reuse plan that spelled out what city leaders planned to do with the property once they got it. Drafted by dozens of locals and representatives from other cities and levels of government, the Department of Defense-funded plan would be used by the federal government to determine how it planned to dispose of its former Naval air station in Alameda.

Development plans for Alameda Point have gone through several iterations in the 17 years since the reuse plan was drafted, but the city’s managers promised the Navy they’d return to the original community reuse plan in 2011, and have been planning for the future of the Point based on what is contained in its 248 pages. The Navy handed over 1,379 acres of land and water on Tuesday, and is planning to give the city additional acreage between now and 2019.