Alameda Sun: City Poised to Accept Point Transfer May 21, May 16, 2013


Next Tuesday, May 21, the City Council is scheduled to take longawaited action to accept ownership of the first — and largest — of four land transfers from the Navy. The property includes 509 acres of land and 870 acres of submerged land.

During the past 16 years since the base closure, the Navy has been cleaning up contaminated sites and is three-quarters of the way finished. The levels of cleanup, from commercial to unrestricted residential uses, were established to coincide with agreed-upon land uses. The final land transfer will occur in 2019 when the environmental cleanup is completed.

"The city and the Navy have been planning and negotiating this property conveyance since the base closed in 1997," said Jennifer Ott, chief operating officer for Alameda Point. "The city is very excited to finally have the opportunity to begin developing this extraordinary asset for the betterment of our local community and economy." The land will be transferred to the city as 66 individual parcels in order to make it easier to market and sell to developers.