Development Agreement

Title Content Type Post date
Presentation on Proposed Disposition and Development Strategy for Alameda Point, February 7, 2012 Documents 01/31/2012
The Island: ALAMEDA POINT: ‘Their arrogance is exceeded only by their arrogance’ Story 08/03/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council Recommending Approval of Resolution Denying SunCal's Modified Optional Entitlement, July 20 , 2010 Documents 07/15/2010
San Francisco Business Times: Suncal threatens to sue Alameda city manager Story 07/14/2010
Letter from SunCal's Attorney to the City Council declaring that the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement is extended, July 12, 2010 Documents 07/13/2010
SunCal Activity Since June 15, 2010 [July 7, 2010] Documents 07/07/2010
The Island: On Point: The final countdown Story 07/06/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Modified Entitlement Application, July 7, 2010 Documents 07/02/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Status Report of Finalized Navy Term Sheet Mandatory Milestones, June 15, 2010 Documents 06/16/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding SunCal Modified Optional Entitlement Application, May 18, 2010 Documents 05/14/2010
The Island: SunCal plan opponents crowd planning meet Story 05/11/2010
Memo From Deputy City Manager and Planning Services Manager to Planning Board regarding SunCal's Entitlement Application, May 10, 2010 Documents 05/06/2010
Letter from SunCal to Deputy City Manager regarding CEQA [baseline and density bonus] project description, April 13, 2010 Documents 04/15/2010
SunCal Activity Since March 16th [2010] Documents 04/05/2010
Cover letter from SunCal to City Manager introducing Optional Entitlement Application, March 22, 2010 Documents 03/23/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council recommending denial of SunCal's request to extend cure period for notice of default Documents 03/12/2010
Alameda Sun: Fate of the Base Story 02/11/2010
East Bay Express: Plan B for Measure B Story 01/27/2010
SunCal's Optional Entitlement Application, January 14, 2010 Documents 01/26/2010
Alameda Journal: SunCal submits revised plan for Alameda Point Story 01/21/2010
Letter from SunCal to City Manager regarding optional entitlement application, January 14, 2010 Documents 01/21/2010
The Island: On Point: The Letter Story 01/21/2010
The Island: On Point: The new deal? Story 01/19/2010
Alameda Sun: $200 Million Not Enough? Story 01/14/2010
Statement by Oakland Chinatown Coalition Opposing Measure B, January 11, 2010 Documents 01/11/2010
Fixing Problems in Initiative Point Counterpoint 01/11/2010
The Island: On Point: The prisoner Story 01/07/2010
Election Report Presentation, Joint Meeting Alameda Unified School District and City of Alameda, January 5, 2010 Documents 01/06/2010
Memo from City Attorney to City Council Regarding Enforceability of Agreements in Conflict with Alameda Point Initiative, December 17, 2009 Documents 12/27/2009