Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Modified Entitlement Application, July 7, 2010

Memo includes responses to the following questions raised at the June 1, 2010 City Council Meeting.

1. What is the status of ongoing negotiations between SunCal and Alameda
regarding project economics and assumptions in the SunCal Project Proforma?

2. Can the project financially support the proposed transportation improvements
and program, public benefits, fiscal neutrality, and significant land payment to
the Navy?

3. Does SunCal project comport with definitions of transit-oriented development

4. What are the traffic findings from previous analyses conducted for Alameda
Point that could be used to determine the traffic impacts associated with the
proposed Density Bonus Option?

5. What is the status of meetings with the San Francisco Bay Area Water
Emergency Transit Authority (WET A) regarding relocation of the Main Street
Ferry Terminal to the Seaplane Lagoon, as envisioned in the SunCal plan?

Also includes a status report of SunCal's remaining ENA requirements.

Includes seven exhibits. Links to document exhibits provided.