Recreational Facilities and Public Benefits

Title Content Type Post date
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Statement of Qualifications for University of California Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Second Campus, Submitted by Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority, March 4, 2011 Documents 03/06/2011
Memo from Planning Services Manager to Planning Board Regarding Alameda Point Community Planning Process Update, February 28, 2011 Documents 02/25/2011
The Alameda Point [Interactive] Online Workbook, November 22, 2010 Documents 11/22/2010
Alameda Point 2010: Going Forward: Community Planning Workbook Documents 11/19/2010
Alameda Point 2010: Going Forward: Community Planning Workbooks Documents 11/12/2010
The Island: City holds first ‘Going Forward’ meeting on Point, November 10, 2010 Story 11/10/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding SunCal Modified Optional Entitlement Application, May 18, 2010 Documents 05/14/2010
SunCal Activity Since March 16th [2010] Documents 04/05/2010
The Island: SunCal appears to meet default deadline Story 03/23/2010
Five Year Implementation Plan, Alameda Point Improvement Project, 2005-2010 Documents 02/28/2010
Contra Costa Times: Concord awaits Navy's decision on weapons station Story 02/19/2010
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The Island: On Point: The new deal? Story 01/19/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Editorial: Alameda's Measure B is off base Story 01/17/2010
Alameda Sun: $200 Million Not Enough? Story 01/14/2010
Letter from Mayor Beverly Johnson opposing Measure B Documents 12/31/2009
Record of Decision for Installation Restoration Site 1,1943-1956 Disposal Area, November 2009 Documents 12/19/2009
East Bay Express: Developer Losing Support for Initiative Story 12/02/2009
The Island: On Point: From Point A to B Story 11/24/2009
Alameda Journal: City leaders to visit Irvine on fact-finding trip Story 11/19/2009
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Alameda Journal: Councilman [Matarrese] opposes SunCal proposal for Alameda Point Story 10/29/2009
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The Island: A quick Point postscript Story 10/19/2009
Alameda Chamber opposes proposed SunCal initiative as 'development by ballot box' October 2009 Documents 10/09/2009