Record of Decision for Installation Restoration Site 1,1943-1956 Disposal Area, November 2009

The Navy has posted the Record of Decision for Site 1. This is the former disposal site at the western end of Alameda Point in the Northwest Territories. It is also the location on which the current Alameda General Plan envisions a public park known as Alameda Point Park.


According to the City of Alameda, Alameda Point General Plan, as amended May 7, 2003, the proposed land use throughout IRi Site 1 is recreational (City of Alameda 2003).

The Navy will install a 4-foot-thick soil cover over the waste in Area 1a to prevent exposure to contaminants that exceed remediation goals. To prepare the surface for the soil cover, as part of Alternative S6-4, the Navy will scan the surface and remove radiological hot spot material to a depth of one foot to prevent the spread of potential contamination during grading to ensure worker health and safety. For the purpose of this remedial action, the Navy will identify radiological hot spots as material exhibiting gamma radiation readings approximately 2 times background. The soil cover may extend into other areas of Site 1, as necessary, to accommodate design requirements, seismic considerations, appropriate set back distances, and ARARs. The Navy will implement institutional controls (IC) to prohibit residential land use and land disturbing activities, including construction of buildings (unless conducted pursuant to a soil management plan), that may reduce the effectiveness of the cover. The Navy will take soil gas samples which will address any potential risk from landfill gas.

After remediation goals are achieved, the selected remedies will allow for recreational use of Site 1.