Financial Issues

Title Content Type Post date
East Bay Express: Rebuilding an East Bay Manufacturing Base Story 06/30/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Status Report of Finalized Navy Term Sheet Mandatory Milestones, June 15, 2010 Documents 06/16/2010
SunCal Activity Since June, 1, 2010 [June 15, 2010] Documents 06/16/2010
SunCal predevelopment expenditures [print date of June 8, 2010] Documents 06/15/2010
Final Report: Alameda Point Pro Forma Market Review, May 24, 2010 Documents 05/28/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding SunCal's Optional Entitlement Application and Exclusive Negotiating Agreement, June 1, 2010 Documents 05/28/2010
SunCal predevelopment expenditures (print date of May 20, 2010) Documents 05/24/2010
SunCal's expenditures for Alameda Point as of May 10, 2010 Documents 05/18/2010
SunCal predevelopment expenditures [print date of May 12, 2010] Documents 05/17/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding SunCal Modified Optional Entitlement Application, May 18, 2010 Documents 05/14/2010
Memo From Deputy City Manager and Planning Services Manager to Planning Board regarding SunCal's Entitlement Application, May 10, 2010 Documents 05/06/2010
SUNCAL ACTIVITY SINCE APRIL 20TH, May 4, 2010 Documents 05/05/2010
Alameda Point Public Services Analysis (Revised Draft Report), April 2010 Documents 04/25/2010
Letter from City Manager to SunCal regarding modification of Optional Entitlement Application, April 20, 2010 Documents 04/21/2010
SunCal Expenditures in Alameda [undated] Documents 04/15/2010
The Island: On Point: Bonanza! Story 04/14/2010
Alameda Point Public Services Analysis (Draft Report), December 2008 Documents 04/13/2010
Fiscal Impact Analysis for Alameda Point, January 12, 2010 Documents 04/08/2010
Master Infrastructure Preliminary Cost Estimate Redevelopment Master Plan Phases 1-5 & Adaptive Re-Use Alameda Point, December 19, 2008 Documents 04/08/2010
San Francisco Examiner: City, Navy settle on Treasure Island’s price Story 04/06/2010
The Island: SUNCAL: ‘WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE’ Story 03/17/2010
Final Report: NAS Alameda EDC Application and Business Plan, October 1997 Documents 03/16/2010
Memo from Executive Director to Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority regarding Recommendation to Approve 20-year Lease with the Deparment of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD), April 5, 2006 Documents 03/10/2010
Five Year Implementation Plan, Alameda Point Improvement Project, 2005-2010 Documents 02/28/2010
Contra Costa Times: Concord awaits Navy's decision on weapons station Story 02/19/2010
The Island: A little bit of this, a little bit of that Story 02/17/2010
Alameda Sun: ARRA, CIC Hear About Point Negotiation, Finance Story 01/28/2010
Mercury News: Treasure Island: A view of the future Story 01/23/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Treasure Island board closes doors Story 01/23/2010