The Island: On Point: Bonanza!


The City Council voted in February to ask SunCal to sunshine negotiations and release once confidential documents, and SunCal came back a month later with a pledge to do just that. A week or so later, SunCal set up a blog with some bare-bones accounts of negotiating sessions with the city and a website with a growing trove of documents, both public and formerly confidential.


It’s delightful, it’s delovely, it’s DNAPL: The University at Florida and Purdue University have obtained a Department of Defense grant to study methods of cleaning up dense non-aqueous phase liquids – a class of contaminants that includes solvents, for one – out at Alameda Point. The work was set to begin this month at a cleanup site southeast of the Atlantic Avenue entrance and continue through September.

The project is one of many efforts undertaken at the Point and at other Navy bases around the Bay Area to try to figure out how to more cheaply and effectively clean up such contaminants in groundwater, which is apparently a huge problem for the federal government. Here’s what they’re doing: