Base Leases and Sales

Title Content Type Post date
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Approving an Environmental Testing Contract with Pacific EcoRisk to Support 2011 Dredging in an Amount not to Exceed $138,740 to be Reimbursed by the Maritime Administration [MARAD], March 2, 2011 Documents 03/02/2011
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Reserving Building 22 for Active Recruitment of a Food and Beverage Tenant Compatible with the Existing Neighboring Tenants, March 2, 2011 Documents 03/02/2011
The Island: Discussions on future of Alameda Point continue, March 2, 2011 Story 03/02/2011
Memo from Planning Services Manager to Planning Board Regarding Alameda Point Community Planning Process Update, February 28, 2011 Documents 02/25/2011
East Bay Express: Alameda Point: Drinking to History, February 23, 2011 Story 02/23/2011
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Response to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Request for Qualifications for a Second Campus at Alameda Point and Approve Issuance of a Request for Qualification for Developers, February 2, 2011 Documents 01/27/2011
The Island: City selects Alameda Point planning team, January 25, 2011 Story 01/25/2011
The Island: City to consider bid for new Lawrence Berkeley Lab campus, January 18, 2011 Story 01/18/2011
Alameda Sun: New Point property manager a possibility, December 23, 2010 Story 12/26/2010
Alameda Sun: Back to Basics: the New Face of AlPo [Alameda Point], December 9, 2010 Story 12/09/2010
Five Year Implementation Plan, Alameda Point Improvement Project, FY 2010/11 – FY 2014/15, November 2010 Documents 12/07/2010
EPA, Alameda Naval Air Station, Building 5/5A Demolition [and reuse] Scenarios and Related Estimates, October 2010 Documents 12/03/2010
The Island: City officials considering new Point property manager, December 2, 2010 Story 12/02/2010
Mercury News: Ships, spirits and more await at Alameda Point Story 11/21/2010
The Island: Photographer, dog walker shooed off public Navy property, November 16, 2010 Story 11/16/2010
Alameda Sun: Free to Pursue His Craft, November 11, 2010 Story 11/11/2010
Alameda Journal: Flying high in alternative energy at Alameda Point, October 29, 2010 Story 10/29/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda Point, Alameda, October 13, 2010 Story 10/13/2010
The Island: City officials restart planning process for Point, October 7, 2010 Story 10/07/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Activation of the City of Alameda Participation in the City of Oakland' s Foreign Trade Zone, September 7, 2010 Documents 09/03/2010
Alameda Sun: City Woos Lawrence Berkeley Labs Story 09/03/2010
Alameda Journal: Alameda Point hopes to attract Berkeley lab campus Story 09/02/2010
The Island: Council to hear Point presentations tonight [Wednesday] Story 09/01/2010
Video: MOVING FORWARD, ALAMEDA POINT COMMUNITY MEETING, August 11, 2010 Documents 08/27/2010
Alameda Sun: Council Referrals Point to Point Story 07/29/2010
Request from Councilmember Matarrese to Consider Directing the Interim City Manager to Prioritize an Alternative Process and Plan for Alameda Point., July 27, 2010 Documents 07/23/2010
East Bay Express: Rebuilding an East Bay Manufacturing Base Story 06/30/2010
KPIX: Alameda Naval Air Station Story 06/24/2010
Business Leases at Alameda Point as of February 16, 2010 as provided by PM Realty Group Documents 03/10/2010
Long-Term Sublease between Alameda Resuse and Redevelopment Authority and the U.S. Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration, May 1, 2006 Documents 03/10/2010