Base Leases and Sales

Title Content Type Post date
Technology Review: U.S. Tests Whether Consumers Like Car-to-Car Communications, January 24, 2012 Story 01/24/2012
Alameda Journal: Ploughshares Nursery, of Alameda, to build new ecocenter, January 20, 2012 Story 01/19/2012
KALW: Rethinking poverty in Alameda Point, January 18, 2012 Story 01/18/2012
Insider’s Guide to the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival Documents 01/17/2012
Mercury News: Oakland [SIC] nursery gets grant for 'green' expansion, January 6, 2012 Story 01/06/2012
San Francisco Bay Crossings: Dredging Alameda Point Channel, January 2012 Story 01/02/2012
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Appropriating $379,000 in Federal HOME Funds and Authorizing the City Manager to Negotiate ... Necessary Documents to Complete the Loan to the Alameda Point Collaborative, January 4, 2012 Documents 12/22/2011
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Awarding Contract in the Amount of $225 000 to Keyser Marston Associates to Prepare an Economic Development Strategy for Alameda Point, January 4, 2012 Documents 12/22/2011
Event Alert: U.S. Department of Transportation’s Connected Vehicle Demonstrations @ Alameda, CA – January 17, 2012 Documents 12/20/2011
Washington Post: Pearl Harbor: A Nation Remembers, December 7, 2011 Story 12/07/2011
PBS News Hour: For Wind Energy's Future, Researchers Look High in the Sky, December 5, 2011 Story 12/06/2011
Alameda Sun: Naval Air Museum Needs Help, December 2, 2011 Story 12/05/2011
Berkeley Voice: Battlefield exploits earn Japanese-American veterans the Congressional Gold Medal, November 10, 2011 Story 11/11/2011
Alameda Sun: Point Among the Poorest Bay Area Neighborhoods , November 10 ,2011 Story 11/10/2011
Alameda Naval Air Museum Documents 11/08/2011
Mercury News: Bay Area's five poorest neighborhoods show up in study, November 2, 2011 Story 11/03/2011
Alameda Sun: Hornet Staying Put, For Now, October 27, 2011 Story 10/28/2011
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Approval of a 47-Year Legally Binding Agreement with Alameda Point Collaborative, November 2, 2011 Documents 10/21/2011
Memo from Planning Services Manager to Planning Board Regarding Design Review – New Plan Nursery Building - Ploughshares Nursery (PLN11-0286) at 2701 Main Street, October 24, 2011 Documents 10/18/2011
OaklandNorth: Oakland Mongolians find fellowship on the volleyball court, October 18, 2011 Story 10/18/2011
San Francisco Bay Guardian: Get used: Your retro fix is waiting at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire, October 12, 2011 Story 10/12/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Navy turns Alameda air station over to city, September 30, 2011 Story 09/30/2011
City of Alameda Press Release: Department of Defense Awards the City $225,000 for Alameda Point Strategy, September 22, 2011 Documents 09/23/2011
Alameda Times Star: Berkeley lab cites sea levels as concern for possible Alameda campus, September 22, 2011 Story 09/22/2011
Alameda Sun: Point Situation Develops, September 22, 2011 Story 09/22/2011
Alameda Point Lease Information from PM Realty Group Documents 09/22/2011
San Jose Mercury News: Alameda: USS Hornet museum gets moving grant, September 12, 2011 Story 09/13/2011
Civil Eats: Securing A Food Future In Cities: A Case Study In Repurposing Military Bases, September 8, 2011 Documents 09/11/2011
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding a Contract with Dutra Dredging Company to Dredge the Alameda Point Channel, September 20, 2011 Documents 09/08/2011
Alameda Journal: Michaan's not renewing theater lease, August 26, 2011 Story 08/25/2011