The Island: City to consider bid for new Lawrence Berkeley Lab campus, January 18, 2011


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is looking for a new home for scientists who now work at four satellite labs scattered across the East Bay. And city leaders are hoping they can bring that new campus to Alameda Point.

City staffers are assembling a bid for the campus, and they’ll be offering a potential site location to the City Council for their consideration on February 2. The bids are due by March 4, and the University at California, which operates the lab, plans to have a short list of preferred sites in April.

The university already has a potential lab site in Richmond, but they are seeking proposals from cities to determine whether another site might better meet their needs.

The university expects to pick a site in June. They want to begin construction in July 2013 and move in by December 2015.

They are looking for a site that can accommodate up to 2 million square feet of research and development space for the lab’s future needs, that is a maximum 25 minute commute from the Blackberry Gate entrance of the main lab facility in the Berkeley hills.