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Alameda Sun: Fate of the Base Story 02/11/2010
Alameda Journal: City sends default notice to SunCal Story 02/11/2010
The Island: Council may want less dense Point Story 02/11/2010
SunCal's reply to City's Default Notice, February 6, 2010 Documents 02/08/2010
The Island: On Point: A recap Story 02/08/2010
Default Notice from City Manager to Suncal, February 4, 2010 Documents 02/06/2010
City of Alameda Press Release: City of Alameda Will Continue Efforts to Redevelop Alameda Point, February 5, 2010 Documents 02/05/2010
The Island: City to SunCal: New Point plan must be Measure A compliant Story 02/05/2010
San Francisco Business Times: Roadblocks stymie Alameda project Story 02/05/2010
Alameda Sun: Alameda Votes B Down Story 02/04/2010
San Jose Mercury: Measure B dealt crushing defeat in Alameda Story 02/03/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Voters rejecting Alameda development project Story 02/02/2010
Alameda Sun: ARRA, CIC Hear About Point Negotiation, Finance Story 01/28/2010
East Bay Express: Plan B for Measure B Story 01/27/2010
East Bay Express: No on Measure B Story 01/26/2010
SunCal's Optional Entitlement Application, January 14, 2010 Documents 01/26/2010
Alameda Journal: SunCal submits revised plan for Alameda Point Story 01/21/2010
Letter from SunCal to City Manager regarding optional entitlement application, January 14, 2010 Documents 01/21/2010
The Island: On Point: The Letter Story 01/21/2010
The Island: On Point: The new deal? Story 01/19/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Editorial: Alameda's Measure B is off base Story 01/17/2010
KTVU: Judge Approves $3.7M Plan To Clean Up Failed Oakland Housing Project [Oak Knoll] Story 01/12/2010
Press release by Oakland City Attorney: Judge Approves Lehman Cash to Clean Up Oak Knoll, January 11, 2010 Documents 01/11/2010
Statement by New Mexico State Representative, Ben Rodefer, regarding SunCal facing foreclosure, December 22, 2009 Documents 01/03/2010
California Magazine: Waterworld Story 01/02/2010
The New Mexico Independent: Adios 2009: David v. Goliath Story 01/01/2010
Albuquerque Journal: SunCal May Face Foreclosure Story 12/19/2009
The Island: On Point: And that’s the word Story 12/18/2009
SunCal's Responses to Alameda Point Master Developer Follow-up Questions, March 8, 2007 Documents 12/12/2009