Toxic Cleanup

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Proposed Plan for Operable Unit 2C Installation Restoration Sites 5, 10, and 12 Former NAS Alameda, September 2012 Documents 09/28/2012
The Alamedan: On Point: The China Connection, September 24 2012 Story 09/24/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Wildlife refuge gets the ax in VA development at Alameda Point, September 22, 2012 Documents 09/23/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Ending threat of solvents in groundwater leaching into San Francisco Bay, August 31, 2012 Documents 09/01/2012
Alameda Sun: Cleanup Underway at Navy Runway Workshops, August 2, 2012 Story 08/03/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Cleanup document libraries Documents 07/30/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Soil cleanup planned at runway workshops area, July 29, 2012 Documents 07/30/2012
Alameda Sun: Professor Seeks Green Solutions for the Point, July 27, 2012 Story 07/27/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Navy receives comments on landfill/wetlands plans on Alameda Point wildlife refuge, July 15, 2012 Documents 07/16/2012
East Bay Express: Climate Change Will Unleash Buried Toxics, July 12, 2012 Story 07/13/2012
Alameda Sun: Point Open Space Plans Put at Risk, July 5, 2012 Story 07/05/2012
Alameda Sun: Navy Updates Cleanup, June 28, 2012 Story 06/28/2012
The Alamedan: On Point: Two hours on a bus, June 25, 2012 Story 06/25/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Hidden wetlands of Alameda Point, June 18, 2012 Documents 06/19/2012
Alameda Sun: Wildlife Refuge Off Limits, May 31, 2012 Story 06/01/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Scenic Alameda Point wildlife refuge section to be off limits with security fence, May 31, 2012 Documents 05/31/2012
Tour of Navy Cleanup Sites at Alameda Point, Saturday, June 23, 2012, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., May 31, 2012 Documents 05/31/2012
Alameda Community News Project: On Point: Penciling out, May 1, 2012 Story 05/01/2012
Alameda Sun: Lagoon Study on Tap, April 27, 2012 Story 04/27/2012
Alameda Point RAB Meeting Highlights and Analysis, March 8, 2012 Documents 04/25/2012
Alameda Point Focus: The Navy's Environmental Program Newsletter, Spring 2012 Documents 04/24/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Groundwater cleanup back on track at heat treatment site, March 13, 2012 Documents 03/14/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Restoration Advisory Board Responds to Navy’s Meeting Cutbacks, March 1 2012 Documents 03/01/2012
Dredging Today: USA: Navy Performs Dredging at Alameda Seaplane Lagoon, February 27, 2012 Story 02/27/2012
Alameda Sun: Barge Pulled out of Lagoon, January 26, 2012 Story 01/26/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Precision Dredging at the Pier Area, January 20, 2012 Documents 01/20/2012
Alameda Sun: Seaplane Lagoon cleanup enters new stage, January 5, 2012 Story 01/05/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Where Alameda Point’s cleanup is at year’s end, December 30, 2011 Documents 12/31/2011
Department of the Navy: FACT SHEET: CLEANUP STARTS AT NORTHWEST SEAPLANE LAGOON Former Naval Air Station Alameda, December 2011 Documents 12/24/2011