City Council

Title Content Type Post date
East Bay Express: Development at the Point Divides Candidates in Alameda, October 13, 2010 Story 10/13/2010
The Island: Decision 2010: D-Day, October 6, 2010 Story 10/06/2010
The Island: Alameda City Council: We won’t sue Tam, September 10, 2010 Story 09/10/2010
Alameda Sun: DA Drops Tam Case, September 9, 2010 Story 09/09/2010
Alameda Journal: D.A. won't charge Tam, but city may still sue, September 10, 2010 Story 09/09/2010
The Island: Manager lays out fresh Point planning process Story 09/02/2010
Alameda Sun: Suncal Sues Story 08/12/2010
Complaint by SunCal against the City of Alameda for Breach of Contract, August 4, 2010 Documents 08/05/2010
The Island: ALAMEDA POINT: ‘Their arrogance is exceeded only by their arrogance’ Story 08/03/2010
New York Times: After Development Plan Fails, the Accusations Fly Story 08/01/2010
Alameda Sun: Council Referrals Point to Point Story 07/29/2010
East Bay Express: Alameda Point Mini-City Leveled Story 07/28/2010
The Island: Alameda council holds off on new Point direction, charter changes; OKs budget Story 07/28/2010
The Island: Matarrese: ‘We can control our own destiny’ Story 07/23/2010
Alameda Sun: Developer Letters Confront City Story 07/23/2010
KTVU: Alameda City Council Dumps Developer's Naval Base Plan Story 07/22/2010
San Francisco Bay Guardian: SunCal threatens to sue, as Alameda votes to kick out base developer Story 07/21/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda severs ties with developer SunCal Story 07/21/2010
The Island: COUNCIL BIDS SUNCAL ADIEU ON 4-0 VOTE Story 07/21/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda may sever ties with developer SunCal Story 07/20/2010
The Island: LENA TAM INVESTIGATION: “Yes, you’ve got a problem there” Story 07/16/2010
Alameda Sun: Tam Sees Brouhaha as Payback Story 07/15/2010
Alameda Journal: SunCal attorney says Alameda could face lawsuit Story 07/15/2010
San Francisco Business Times: Suncal threatens to sue Alameda city manager Story 07/14/2010
Letter from SunCal's Attorney to the City Council declaring that the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement is extended, July 12, 2010 Documents 07/13/2010
Letter from SunCal's Attorney to City Council alleging that the City Manager has caused numerous harms, July 12, 2010 Documents 07/13/2010
Alameda Sun: City Council Votes to Ask DA to Investigate Tam Story 07/08/2010
The Island: TAM INVESTIGATION UPDATE Story 07/08/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Probe: Alameda official secretly aided builder Story 07/07/2010