Alameda Sun: Developer Letters Confront City


Developer SunCal released three letters last week firing back at the city's handling of Alameda Point negotiations and its investigation of Councilwoman Lena Tam, who was accused of forwarding confidential information to SunCal among other allegations of misconduct earlier this month.

The first letter slams Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant for her involvement in the Alameda Point project and the Tam investigation. The second asserts SunCal's Alameda Point negotiation agreement with the city merits automatic renewal. The third letter asks the city clerk for, among other items, all e-mails and communications from city staff concerning Alameda Point, SunCal, Gallant's employment and the law firm of Michael Colantuono, the attorney who wrote the investigatory reports alleging Tam's misconduct. Attorney Louis Miller of Miller Barondess wrote the letters.