Letter from SunCal's Attorney to City Council alleging that the City Manager has caused numerous harms, July 12, 2010


Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant intentionally has led the City in the opposite
direction for over a year. She has engaged in a malicious campaign to vilify SCC Alameda,
destroy the project, impair SCC Alameda’s contractual rights, and slander and impugn its
integrity. By her own admission, the self-serving secret plan of Ms. Gallant is to oust SCC
Alameda from the project and take it over as a “public” project in furtherance of her own
interests with herself as executive director.


The damage to our client’s reputation and business is potentially great and far in excess
of what the City treasury could sustain. By virtue of Ms. Gallant’s reckless acts, including the
Letters, our client is being maligned and accused of criminal conduct. Ms. Gallant and the City
know perfectly well that these allegations are absurd.

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