Base Leases and Sales

Title Content Type Post date
CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS (Government Code section 54956.8) PROPERTY: A 30 acre portion of Site B, Alameda Point CITY NEGOTIATOR: David L. Rudat, Interim City Manager POTENTIAL BUYER: Abbott Bros. Development, Inc., January 15, 2019 Documents 01/03/2019
KPIX5: Ocean Cleanup Rig Returning To Alameda Port To Address Equipment Issues, December 31, 2018 Story 01/02/2019
East Bay Express: A Model for Food Recovery and More, December 26, 2018 Story 12/27/2018
East Bay Times: Ferry maintenance center opens in Alameda, December 14, 2018 Story 12/14/2018
ABC7News: Facility opens in East Bay that could prove critical in big emergencies, December 13, 2018 Story 12/14/2018
Alameda Magazine: Alameda Ferry Center Is Full Steam Ahead, December 3, 2018 Story 12/04/2018
CityLab: What You Should Know About Your Bus Driver, November 30, 2018 Story 12/01/2018
Forbes: California Fog To Bottle Vodka Wins Best Alcohol Drink At World Beverage Innovation Awards, Germany, November 16, 2018 Story 11/16/2018
CBS SFOcean Cleanup Clears Open-Sea Trial, Heads to Great Pacific Garbage Patch, October 6, 2018 Bay Area: Story 10/07/2018
Memo Regarding Ordinance Authorizing the Interim City Manager to Execute Documents Necessary to Implement a Ten-Year Lease and an Option to Purchase with SpinLaunch Inc., a California Corporation, for Building 530, at 120 West Oriskany, October 16, 2018 Documents 10/04/2018
Water Emergency Transportation Authority Presentation to Planning Board, October 8, 2018 Documents 09/28/2018
ABC7News: Curiosity, concern over mysterious rocket being built in East Bay, September 26, 2018 Story 09/26/2018
Alameda Sun: New Ferry Maintenance Facility to Begin Operation at Alameda Point, September 20, 2018 Story 09/21/2018
KRON: Alameda Ocean Cleanup, September 7, 2018 Story 09/08/2018
East Bay Times: Legendary Alameda winemaker Kent Rosenblum has died unexpectedly, September 7, 2018 Story 09/07/2018
Alameda Sun: Ocean Cleanup Set to Launch, September 4, 2018 Story 09/06/2018
Memo Regarding Resolution Approving the Updated Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal Plan Resulting in the Procurement of the Ferry Terminal Float and Construction of the Remaining Water and Landside Improvements, September 4, 2018 Documents 08/23/2018
San Francisco Chronicle: How to eliminate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, August 3, 2018 Story 08/04/2018
San Francisco Business Times: Stealth startup in talks to lease Alameda waterfront building, August 2, 2018 Story 08/03/2018
Memo Approving a Lease with Small Size Big Mind, Inc. for Two Years with a One-Year Option for Building 35, a 2,764-Square-Foot Building Located at 2450 Pan Am Way in the Main Street Neighborhood at Alameda Point, July 24, 2018 Documents 07/12/2018
Memo Regarding Recommendation to Authorize the Acting City Manager to Approve in Substantial Form and Issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from Developers for a New Development Site in the Main Street Neighborhood at Alameda Point, July 10, 2018 Documents 07/11/2018
Alameda Sun: City Breaks Ground at Alameda Point, May 31, 2018 Story 06/02/2018
East Bay Express: The General Storehouse to Bring 80,000 Square Feet of Commercial Kitchen Space to Alameda, May 28, 2018 Story 05/29/2018
Memo Regarding Development Agreement (DA) between the City of Alameda and MidPen Housing Corporation, Alameda Point Collaborative, Building Futures with Women and Children, and Operation Dignity for the Rebuilding of the Existing Supportive, June 5, 2018 Documents 05/25/2018
Memo Regarding Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) (and Related Documents) between the City of Alameda and MidPen Housing Corporation, Alameda Point Collaborative, Building Futures with Women and Children, and Operation Dignity, June 5, 2018 Documents 05/25/2018
KGO-TV: Alameda to see first major construction project in decades at former Naval Air station, May 23, 2018 Story 05/24/2018
San Francisco Chronicle: Navy says Alameda development site safe, but others worry, May 23, 2018 Story 05/24/2018
East Bay Times: Ground finally broken on Alameda Point redevelopment, May 23, 2018 Story 05/24/2018
ENRCalifornia:$1 Billion Alameda Point Site A to Break Ground in Alameda, CA, May 22, 2018 Story 05/23/2018
Memo Regarding Annual Review: Alameda Point Site A Development Agreement - Applicant: Alameda Point Partners, LLC (APP), May 29, 2018 Documents 05/22/2018