Forbes: California Fog To Bottle Vodka Wins Best Alcohol Drink At World Beverage Innovation Awards, Germany, November 16, 2018


[Includes video segment]

Earlier this week, Hangar 1 Fog Point vodka won “Best alcohol drink” at the Beverage Innovation Awards - announced at Brau Beviale, a trade show for the beverage industry held in Nürnberg, Germany, which attracted 40,000 trade visitors. Fog Point won against Toast Ale, the UK beer brewed with surplus bread, and was also up for the Best Sustainability Initiative but lost out to Carlsberg’s snap pack in that category.

Fog Point is produced by Hangar 1, a distillery based out of a former Naval air station in Alameda. The idea for the foggy beverage came about when the distillery was looking for a more sustainable source of water - it began as a project to raise awareness about water conservation, Head Distiller Caley Shoemaker tells me. (All profits from Fog Point are donated to water conservancy in California). The vodka’s only two ingredients are distilled wine and the fog water.

Fog Quest is the non-profit fog organisation that Hangar 1 works with to collect their fog. Fog Quest works worldwide to collect fog for agricultural and drinking water use, allocating 90% of its donations to fog-water projects in developing countries.