What is happening with the airfield area?

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The Navy and the US Fish & Wildlife Service reached an impasse in 2004 during negotiations for 549 acres of the runway area to become the Alameda National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge area has been transferred to the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). An additional 74 acres of adjacent land on the Northwest Territories was given to the VA by the City of Alameda so the VA could construct its medical clinic and columbarium.

The VA will preserve 511 acres as open space for the protection of the endangered California Least Terns and other wildlife. The VA will also construct a Conservation Management Office that will include a public meeting room for conservation volunteers and educational functions. The VA currently contracts with the US Fish & Wildlife Service to manage the least tern colony that nests on 10 acres.

On March 19, 2013, the Alameda City Council adopted a resolution affirming its continued support for wildlife conservation on the area formerly planned for a wildlife refuge, and for zoning it “Nature Reserve."

Current funding for the Nature Reserve is limited to the work of the Fish & Wildlife Service in managing the least terns. No funding currently exists for landscape enhancements, nature trails, educational and interpretive programs, climate change adaptation or a Bay Trail extension around the perimeter.

The City of Alameda is currently in talks with the East Bay Regional Park District to create a regional park on the city property known as the Northwest Territories. The proposed regional park is located in the area where the monthly Antiques Faire is held.

Photos, videos, and stories can be seen on the Alameda Point Environmental Report: https://alamedapointenviro.com/