The Valley Chronicle: Who’s minding McSweeny Farms?


Residents of the bankrupt McSweeny Farms development in southeast Hemet say the neighborhood in which they are living is a far cry from the one they were promised when they moved in over the last several years.

Facilities such as a park, an Olympic-size swimming pool, gym, lounge, party room, and landscape maintenance have either not been finished or have been withdrawn, say several residents.

Though they are not getting what they were promised, they are being charged what they promised, $177 per month, for the operation of those facilities, said Laura Camacho-Flores.

“It’s getting to the point that we have to stand up and do something about it,” said fellow resident Patsy Svete.

The two were among those who attended a mass meeting with the developer, SunCal; the management company, Merit Property Management; and the board of directors.

SunCal has filed bankruptcy and a trustee has been appointed to oversee operation of the development, which was only about one-fifth completed when the housing market collapsed and work at McSweeny Farms came almost to a halt.