The Valley Chronicle: Hemet seeks to help McSweeney residents


What the city can do is limited, but members of the Hemet City Council on Tuesday agreed to do what is possible to ease the plight of residents of McSweeney Farms, the bankrupt residential development on the city’s southeast end.

Several representatives of the neighborhood asked the council to reopen the public park that the bankruptcy trustee has decided to fence off, while others asked that the city help clean up the streets that have yet to see a sweeper and weeds that have been left uncut.

City Engineer Mike Gow said the city has already taken some steps on the park, but has been limited to taking over the irrigation water account and turning on the sprinklers so the grass that has gone brown can be resurrected.

During the first attempts to get permission to enter the park, representatives of SunCal, the bankrupt developer, and the bankruptcy trustee tried to get the city to take on liability that goes well beyond agreeing to hold the developer harmless if a city employee is injured.