Synapse: St. George Spirits: Much More than Hangar One, May 15, 2013


If you’re up for a great way to spend a weekend afternoon and you enjoy spirits, check out St. George Spirits, where $15 gets you a 15-minute tour of their distillery and complimentary spirits tastings. St. George is best known for its Hangar One vodka, which is also the name of their location — Hangar One in Alameda’s old naval base.


The reason why a visit to St. George distillery is so special is threefold: 1) the tour, 2) the tastings and 3) the location.

Getting to Hangar One is an adventure in itself: Take the San Francisco Bay Ferry to Alameda from the Ferry Building and walk roughly 20 minutes from the Alameda Ferry terminal to the hangar.

Both times I went, the ferry was quick and reliable and the walk was safe, and the weather was beautiful. Make sure to bring some food to enjoy after your tour and tasting so you can enjoy the amazing view of San Francisco from the hangar while snacking — there isn’t much food at St. George, and it can end up being an enjoyably long afternoon.