SF Business Times: Alameda Hospital seeks partnership with VA


Alameda Hospital will begin treating patients receiving their benefits through the Veterans Health Administration starting Feb. 11 as part of a plan to get out of debt.

The 135-bed public district hospital is also in very early talks with the Veterans Administration about building a hospital at the former Naval Air Station known as Alameda Point. The VA also wants to build a clinic and above-ground cemetery on the base's former flight line, in part of the area that some community groups are hoping to turn into a wildlife refuge.

Stebbins said that the hospital will also look at the possibility of partnering with the VA on a new hospital at Alameda Point as part of the VA's planned development there - although it would probably not be built for another five to 10 years.

Alameda Hospital, for instance, might fund construction of the hospital in exchange for a guarantee of bed days from the government agency.

"It could be the new Alameda Hospital for the health care district," Stebbins said. "What we could do is move our hospital operations from here to there."