San Jose Mercury News: Distillery Adventure: St. George Spirits, Alameda, January 14, 2014


Alameda is known for a number of things: Its former naval air station, its charming downtown, its winemakers -- and its famous spirits. We're talking Hangar One vodka, St. George gin, bourbon, eau de vie and absinthe. And if you ever want to impress your 21-and-over kids, a tour and tasting at St. George Spirits -- at sunset -- is the place to do it. (We are now officially the Coolest. Parents. Ever.)

Housed in an old naval hangar on the edge of the Bay, the 31-year-old distillery produces artisanal, small batch spirits that make mixologists' hearts beat faster. The tours are fascinating and wildly entertaining, especially if you get one led by "Call me M" (she says she's actually Judi Dench in disguise). And the back stories and sights -- which include immense copper stills straight out of a Jules Verne dream and, oh yes, a shark -- are major fun.