San Francisco Chronicle: The Rake is a temple to beer’s most important ingredient: malt, May 1, 2018


The Rake is in good company here in Alameda’s old Naval Air Station. Just next door is Almanac Beer Co.’s new brewery and taproom; a short walk toward the water brings you to Faction Brewing, Rock Wall Wine Co. and the Hangar One and St. George distilleries. Slowly, this corner of Alameda island is becoming the Bay Area’s best day-drinking destination — especially since these establishments are less than a mile from the ferry dock.

On a sunny weekend afternoon, you would not regret a leisurely ferry ride, followed by a 15-minute walk past the repurposed warehouses on Pan Am Way to arrive at the Rake. The mood is relaxed, the beer selection is diverse and the educational value is high. When else in your life have you ever seen a malting floor?