San Francisco Chronicle: Military compounds transform into creative space, May 2, 2016


When U.S. Navy officials began laying out their military compound in western Alameda in 1938, they surely couldn’t envision what the property contains today: dozens of artist studios tucked into two giant buildings, with resident talent crafting custom works ranging from pianos, to custom teardrop motorcycle trailers, to metal sculptures that look like crosses between adult-size Big Wheels, Harley Davidson motorcycles and wheelbarrows.

Yet such is the case with Alameda Point Studios and Building 29, sitting nearly directly across the Sea Plane Lagoon from each other. Spanning about 100,000 square feet and 8,100 square feet, respectively, the structures offer grand views of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, yet the real vision exists inside, as affordable workspace for small industrial arts businesses.

Formerly an aircraft engine test facility, Alameda Point Studios offers unique amenities in what was then called Building 14, and now contains the 8,000-square-foot Big Shop shared space core, outfitted with robust built-in electrical and compressed air infrastructures throughout.


Alameda Point Studios, 1800 Ferry Point Building #14, Alameda, (510) 254-4035,