San Francisco Chronicle: Admiral Maltings germinates California alt malt in Alameda, July 7, 2017


Nestled in an unassuming building constructed in 1944 as a dry goods storage facility inside the Alameda Naval Air Station, a new business making malted grains has taken root.

Locally, Admiral Maltings is the first of its kind — not just in Alameda, but in all of California. It is the new project from well-known Bay Area brewers Ron Silberstein (Thirsty Bear) and Dave McLean (Magnolia), with investment from Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman.

Their goal: to create a local alternative to the industrial malt used by the Bay Area’s breweries and distilleries. Admiral Maltings plans to start its first batch of malt toward the end of July, with an attached pub to open in the fall.