Post Journal: Unscheduled Stop, Hangar One Vodka Blimp Lands In Dunkirk On Weather Concerns, August 9, 2011

DUNKIRK - A storm front near the Cleveland area brought an unexpected visitor to the Dunkirk Airport Monday afternoon.

The Hangar One Vodka blimp made an unscheduled, but safe, landing due to weather concerns, according to its chief pilot, Bret Viets.

"We were looking at it from this morning just because of the weather situation," Viets explained. "We were needing to relocate toward Cleveland and getting around Buffalo was a big jump for us. And with the weather out there this just made a nice stop."


"The way it gets its name is it's distilled in an airplane hangar in the old Alameda Naval Air Station just outside of Oakland on Alameda Island," he stated. "They thought since the product is distilled in a hangar this would be a good way to start nation-wide advertising."