Mercury News: Historic buildings before Alameda city officials, December 28, 2012


ALAMEDA -- The U.S. Navy will convey the former Alameda Naval Air Station to the city early next year, a landmark step that city officials say will help jump-start redevelopment. But the ownership change does not mean every building will vanish and that some neighborhoods will not continue to reflect what it was like when sailors walked the base.

The city's Historic Advisory Board is set to consider including additional structures to the list of 86 buildings that were initially named by the Navy as part of a historic district eligible for the National Register of Historic Buildings.

The original list, which includes the Control Tower, the Main Gate and some hangers, emerged in 1996, or just three years after the base closed. But a recent review by the Navy as part of preparing the list for recommendation for the National Register found that other buildings were also eligible, including the boathouses at the Seaplane Lagoon.

Some trees and the interior of some buildings is also now included.