Marshfield News Herald: At Google Glass 'basecamp' lucky newbies get specs, July 4, 2013


ALAMEDA, Calif. - As shopping experiences go, this one is about as out there as the product being purchased.

Sitting at a table inside a sun-streaked decommissioned air traffic control tower overlooking San Francisco Bay, Krystal Liu, 22, slowly lifts the lid off a big lily-white box and shrieks.


Google is going to great lengths to ensure that its first consumer marketing effort is a winning one. In New York, Explorers are introduced to Glass by trained guides in an airy Chelsea penthouse buzzing with activity and high-end catering. In Los Angeles, the exclusive scene repeats itself in Google's sleek Venice Beach offices.

USA TODAY recently was invited to attend the Bay Area Glass Basecamp. A few dozen newbie Explorers were ferried over from San Francisco to this former naval air base and shipyard to drink champagne, eat organic boar sandwiches and slip on their personal looking glass to the future.

"People say manufacturing is dead in America, but we wanted to hold our event here where planes flew and ships were built to show that this country can do it again, and Glass is an example of that," says senior program manager Emily Ma. "We're not selling a device as much as we're connecting people. And that starts here."