KTVU: Alameda residents concerned harbor seals may find new home amid construction project, July 8, 2015

[Includes video]


The dock has attracted a group of perhaps 10 seals, including a pup. They have won the hearts of many who love watching them.

"Mostly they are just sitting there, 'lazing' around. Very rarely you'll see them jump up out of the water," said Rachel Campos, an Alameda resident who first noticed them a few years ago.

But the Water Emergency Transportation Authority which plans to run its ferry service from the same area is looking to demolish the old dock and build a new one.

A group of residents are concerned that once the old dock goes, so will the seals.

"I’m really worried they will leave and not come back," said Campos.

"One of the realities is the dock is in such poor condition even if our project wasn't going forward there's a chance it would fall away in a matter of years," said Mike Gougherty, project manager at the WETA.