The Island: The four to midnight shift


As I reported Monday, SunCal’s Alameda Point person, Pat Keliher, sent a letter to Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant on Tuesday promising to ink a series of agreements that he hopes will resolve concerns about the development initiative that is headed to the ballot. (He also sent a separate 12-pager outlining SunCal’s concerns about a city report detailing potential issues with the initiative, but I’ll get to that in a moment.)

Keliher said in an earlier letter that the company has been negotiating weekly with city officials to resolve the issues, and he said the new agreements would be legally binding. But at last night’s City Council meeting, City Attorney Teresa Highsmith said … well …

“What’s being negotiated is not the terms of the initiative. The initiative is going forward. There’s nothing the city can do to change what is in that initiative,” Highsmith told the council. “We are not negotiating the terms of the development agreement (in the initiative). What’s being negotiated are the terms of a disposition and development agreement that is a separate legal document.”