Huffington Post: Return to the Island of Alameda, February 2, 2012


Some years ago I produced a comedy movie in San Francisco. It was called Chu Chu & The Philly Flash and starred Carol Burnett and Alan Arkin. She played a one-woman band, dressed in a Carmen Miranda outfit with musical instruments strapped to her body, playing on the waterfront for tourists. Alan, wearing a baseball cap and carrying a glove, played an ex-ball player who had pitched for one inning in the majors (before peeing in his pants and being sent back to the minors.) Together they find a briefcase with some sensitive papers and set out to sell them to the highest bidder. It was (barely) distributed by Fox, but I had a splendid time for three months living at the Huntington Hotel and exploring the Bay area. Our indoor sets were built at a huge former hanger at the Naval Air Station on the island of Alameda... and that is when I fell in love with this little community.