East Bay Times: Alameda Point map on council's agenda, July 13, 2016


The City Council will consider approving a tentative subdivision map Tuesday for an area of Alameda Point that will be redeveloped with a mix of homes and retail space.

Known as Site A, the area totals 68 acres and extends generally from Alameda Point's Main Street entrance to the Seaplane Lagoon's eastern edge.

The tentative map that the council will consider is for about 21 acres of the site, and it divides the acres into 12 lots. The lots include a condominium subdivision for an anticipated 64 townhomes, as well as a waterfront park.


Alameda Point Partners, the team of developers behind the project, proposes to build up to 800 apartments, townhouses and condominiums and about 200,000 square feet of commercial space in the area known as Site A. About 200 housing units would be designated as affordable.

The plans for the site, which city officials hope will spur redevelopment in other areas of the former U.S. Navy base, also include a ferry terminal.

Site B, the other area where redevelopment at Alameda Point is planned, totals 82 acres and has been set aside for large commercial projects.