East Bay Express: Drinking on the Edge of Town [Rock Wall Wine], May 18, 2011


When six young olive trees recently left the nursery to find new life at the gates of a winery, their dreams, it seemed, were coming true. For what olive tree doesn't aspire to set roots in the wine country, among rolling hills and elegant rows of vines? But life has thrown these young trees a sassy curveball; they now stand on the windswept, asphalt acres of Alameda Point, at the gates of the newest tasting room in town.

The trees will get used to it, for the scenery surrounding Rock Wall Wine Company (2301 Monarch St., Ste. 300, Alameda) is surprisingly beautiful in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-film sort of way. To the east, it's all abandoned streets and warehouses, while an abandoned runway spans northward, with San Francisco's skyscrapers, the Bay Bridge, and Mount Tamalpais setting the skyline to the west. It may be the coolest wine country vista in the Bay Area — and visitors can take it all in from the newly opened tasting room.