Commercial Property Executive: Potential Alameda Point Developers Line Up for Development Opportunities as Initiative Gains Momentum, July 9, 2014


Local authorities have long tried to get a major development project going at former Navy base, Alameda Point. Currently, nine different development teams have submitted their applications in response to a request for qualifications, in order to have a shot at working on the 82-acre parcel located on San Francisco Bay. The list of applicants is currently under review by local authorities. The city previously issued a request for quotation (RFQ) for a 68-acre residential and commercial mixed-use project along the main entrance to Alameda Point.

The developers are vying for the opportunity to develop about 800 residential units, as well as a mixed-use component at the 82-acre site. The parcel, adjacent to the Seaplane Lagoon, is part of the plot of land that has been vacant for 17 years now, mainly due to local opposition directly linked to the fear that excessive development would clog the bridges and tunnel that facilitate traffic to and from Alameda.