Berkeleyside: Shauna Rosenblum puts fun into wine at Rock Wall, May 4, 2015


Rock Wall wines: From wide appeal to the appealingly oddball

Rock Wall wine sells in 25 states. Zinfandel is a stalwart in the portfolio. Kent Rosenblum’s winemaking heritage enabled Rock Wall to source from renowned vineyards Monte Rosso in Sonoma. But the winery also crafts Zinfandel from other sources such as Jesse’s Vineyard in Contra Costa County.

At Gather in Berkeley wine buyer and manager Kristen Gentilucci set Rock Wall zinfandel as her keg wine. “Guests like the price and fruitiness. Rock Wall wines are easy to drink and appeal to a wide range of people and food pairings. And the wines local,” says Gentilucci.

Rosenblum’s grew her fan-base for sparkling through a range of wines from the drier Blanc de Blancs to the fruitier Sparkling Grenache Rosé. She also crafts Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and several white and red blends.