Albuquerque Journal: SunCal, Water Authority in Dispute


SunCal Cos. is disputing a city-county Water Utility Authority policy that is designed to prevent "leap-frog" development.

In a Nov. 12 letter from Sun-Cal to a water authority attorney, the company contends that two agreements - a 1998 agreement with the city of Albuquerque and a 2007 agreement with the water authority - allow it to receive more lax treatment from the water authority regarding when it can receive water service for certain parts of its development.

City Councilor Michael Cadigan, a vocal SunCal critic, said he sees the situation as another in a string of broken promises by SunCal.

He said SunCal promised to follow all water authority policies during a public meeting in front of the water board last year, while the company was trying to get approval for a new water line leading out to the development.

"It's disappointing in the extreme that they keep coming back for more and more concessions," he said.