The Alamedan: Tour participants pedal along the Point [Includes video], November 4, 2013


[Includes video.]

City staffers have been moving a mountain of paper this year to prepare Alameda Point for development in 2014. But on Saturday they mounted their bicycles, leading more than 100 cyclists on a three-hour tour intended to help them visualize the city’s plans.

Over the course of the nine-stop tour, the city staffers charged with leading the revitalization of the Point detailed how they will transform the former Navy base into a vibrant, new community offering nearly 10,000 jobs and more than 1,400 homes, a massive sports complex and a waterfront center where workers and residents alike can enjoy a meal and a glass of wine at the end of the day as kayakers paddle happily in Seaplane Lagoon.

They also outlined the many challenges they’ll face as the city attempts to affect that transformation – rising tides, historic structures that have been left at the mercy of nature and thieves for nearly two decades, infrastructure costs of approximately $1 million an acre – along with a lack of clear funding sources to address all of those issues while building the amenities residents want.