The Alamedan: On Point: What’s next for Site A?, March 26, 2015


For the past several months, the development and design consortium Alameda Point Partners has been working to refine its plan for Site A, a 68-acre waterfront plot that is proposed to one day hold 600,000 square feet of commercial uses, 15 acres of new parks – and 800 new homes.

The development framework okayed by city leaders in 2014 envisioned the site as a catalyst for revitalization of the Point, a transit-hubbed beacon alerting industry that the Point was open for business. But some Island voters apparently saw something different: A future traffic nightmare clogging Alameda’s bridges and tubes.

Those fears arguably helped Trish Herrera Spencer eke out her 120-vote mayoral victory over Marie Gilmore, and arguably also helped Vice Mayor Frank Matarrese secure a council seat after a four-year absence from the dais. On the campaign trail, Matarrese said unequivocally that he does not want homes built at Alameda Point, while slowing growth was Spencer’s primary pre-election promise.

Development of Site A (or any portion of Alameda Point) can’t proceed unless four of the council’s five members agree to move forward. So if two council members have already said they oppose building homes at Alameda Point, what are the chances that the development will move forward?