The Alamedan: On Point: Ruined roads, failing utilities bedevil Point residents and businesses, June 4, 2015

Last fall, a contractor doing work at Alameda Point accidentally shorted out the former Naval Air Station’s phone system, leaving all of the Point’s residents and businesses without phone or Internet service for three days.

“Imagine trying to run a business without phone service,” Bladium Sports & Fitness Club owner Brad Shook said. “Nobody could call. Nobody could do anything.”

Shook and other business owners who are frustrated about the Point’s bursting water mains, potholed roads, overflowing sewers and spotty phone and electric service have urged the City Council to approve a 68-acre waterfront development proposal there known as Site A, which they believe will start to fix the problems with an investment of more than $100 million in new infrastructure. The council is expected to vote on whether to move forward with development of Site A on June 16.