The Alamedan: New resting spot for seals moves forward, July 7, 2015


The seals now use a derelict dock anchored in San Francisco Bay off Alameda Point as a “haul out” or platform to rest in between foraging for fish and other aquatic prey. But their current site is in the path of a planned maintenance and fueling site for public ferries operated by Water Emergency Transportation Agency. Up to 12 boats serving commuters on various bay routes could be accommodated at the facility.

Public concern for the seals' safety prompted the city and the ferry agency to plan an alternative “haul out” for the animals at a cost of up to $100,000.

A public working group was formed to enlist experts on seal behavior. They chose James Harvey, a biologist with the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory, as a consultant.

It’s estimated that between six and 46 seals now frequent the area, according to a report prepared by Harvey.