The Alamedan: FAQ: Questions about the swap, answered, March 18, 2014


What does the school district plan to do with its property on Alameda Point?
A district spokesperson says Alameda Unified hasn’t yet decided what to do with the property, which she said is part of a long-range vision for the district.

The Point property the school district is getting includes the Bachelor Officers Quarters, a contributing structure to its historic district, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Will the district be obligated to restore the building?
The district is initiating research into any obligation it may have to preserve or restore historic resources on the Point property it’s getting. From the district: “Any conversation about the use of the 20 acres is premature until the (d)istrict actually acquires the land and begins the process of planning for its long-term use.” That said, district spokeswoman Susan Davis said that if Alameda Unified does develop the property, district officials are “very committed” to working with preservationists to come up with agreeable designs.

Will the Navy be required to clean up the school district’s 20 Alameda Point acres once it’s in the district’s hands?
The Navy was required to complete cleanup of toxics on the site before it could transfer it to the city, which took title in July of 2013. (In contrast, cleanup efforts continue on part of the 12-acre site the school district had originally been slated to get; that property is scheduled to be handed over to the city in 2019.)