The Alamedan: Development Alert, October 7, 2014


Alameda Point plans: We’ve got two news items about Alameda Point. The first is that Steeltown Winery is seeking to lease space across the street from Rock Wall Wine Company. If the City Council approves the lease – a 10-year lease with two five-year extensions is on the table – the winery will be rechristened the Building 43 Winery, after the new space. The second is that the city, with a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in hand, is seeking out a firm to develop a specific plan containing development standards for Alameda Point’s Main Street neighborhood. Among other things, the plan for the 100-acre neighborhood is expected to address reuse of 68 existing “Big Whites” and reconstruction and consolidation of 200 units of housing for formerly homeless people spread out across 34 acres of Alameda Point onto 10 to 12 acres in the Main Street neighborhood.