The Alamedan: Council will consider first Alameda Point land sale, July 10, 2014


The City Council is set to consider negotiating what could be its first land sale at Alameda Point, to a South Bay development team interested in buying barracks that once housed servicemen and five acres of former taxiway that front Seaplane Lagoon.

On Tuesday, the council will decide whether the city should enter exclusive negotiations to sell the former Bachelor Enlisted Quarters and the taxiway property to Alameda United Commercial. The developer has proposed building 250 hotel rooms and 200 condominiums on the taxiway property; the former barracks could hold a senior living facility, student housing and offices.

The city is seeking $7.76 million for the 20-acre Bachelor Enlisted Quarters property and $7.5 million for the taxiway acreage, plus a $56,000 fee for each condominium that is built. If the council votes to proceed, a final sale price will be determined as both sides work to negotiate a deal, a process that could last between six and 12 months.