The Alamedan: Alameda Point Explained: Taming traffic, July 12, 2013


One of the primary challenges facing city leaders seeking to revitalize Alameda Point is how to manage all of the traffic that new homes and businesses will generate. Even if nothing were done to redevelop the Point, some of the city’s studies show, peak-hour traffic through the Posey Tube to Oakland could exceed its capacity by 2020, and with development, waits at some city intersections could increase exponentially.

City planners are putting new technologies in place that will speed the growing flow of traffic on city streets. But with a new tube or bridge across the Estuary highly unlikely, their primary strategy is to design a development that makes it easier to walk, ride a bike or take transit to work – a development they hope will attract residents and workers who are willing to hang up their keys.

“The city’s primary objective is to get people out of their cars during peak hours,” City Planner Andrew Thomas told the Planning Board on Monday during a discussion about the Point.