The Alamedan: Alameda to join paramedicine pilot, July 30, 2014


Council members also approved exclusive negotiating agreements with a developer, Alameda United Commercial, for the sale and development of the Bachelors Enlisted Quarters and a 5.5-acre section of the taxiway property on Alameda Point.

City Manager John Russo said he will review the agreement and make recommendations to the council. Development plans will be reviewed and voted on by the city’s Planning Board and the council.

Ashcraft voted against the agreement, saying the council did not get enough information from the developer given that they were the only applicant for the site. Councilman Tony Daysog joined Ashcraft in voting against the taxiway agreement.

Daysog said he was concerned that any project on the site might exceed the 1,425-unit residential cap placed on new projects in the initial phase of Alameda Point development.