Alameda Sun: Young Ospreys Spotted at Point, September 6, 2016


Raptor nests successfully in town

Location, location, location! But for a fenced-off dilapidated navigation light stand on a jetty at the Seaplane Lagoon, ospreys would not have had a successful nesting season this year.

In late August two adult ospreys took flight from their lagoon perch for parts unknown with two healthy offspring. It was a welcome sight because for the past three years a series of avian soap operas featuring other ospreys and unwanted nesting attempts aboard the maritime ship Admiral Callaghan were marked with failure. In 2012 they had raised one chick, the only other recorded case of osprey reproduction at Alameda Point.

The ospreys briefly attempted to nest this year on a parking lot light pole on the wharf near the USS Hornet. A pair of ravens harassed the ospreys, even stealing nesting material and tossing some of it on the ground. The ospreys finally found peace back in their original nest from years ago that still straddles the top of the light stand at the entrance to Seaplane Lagoon. The navigation light stand, erected in 1940, is at the tip of the rock wall jetty on the west side of the lagoon.